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Energy Commodities Trading

European Reclimate Investment House, how we abbreviated as ERIH,  commenced its operations in the year of 2008 with the target of aiming its business activities within the field of international trading with energy related commodities such as electricity, gas, CO2 and green certificates from renewable sources. ERIH Energy Trading (EET) trades in physical energy supply and financial products on major European energy exchanges and numerous broker platforms throughout Europe, as well as trading directly with counterparties (OTC business).

After the diversification of energy related investment and investment management activities of the shareholders of ERIH Energy Trading, ERIH Holding was formed in 2012. Thus, EET has been running his activities under ERIH and keeping his admiral flagship role as being the first start-up of ERIH,

EET provides sophisticated energy services for his clients which exploit all of the opportunities arising from the deregulated energy market and meet the needs of a modern energy procurement and marketing enterprise. EET tailors the energy solutions he develops to meet the individual needs of his clients and business associates. Working together with them in this way, EET aims to optimise their energy procurement and marketing and continuously develop his business activities.

EET is boarded by global & local energy and finance experts whom helps to build strong base for the company while carrying it to succesful measures. EET has strategic partnerships with the global players of investment and finance markets, which allows ERIH to have unique capabilities while covering the whole value chains.


EET is subject to various risks such as market and counterparty risks, as well as operational and regulatory risks. The task of risk management is to assess these risks accurately and provide bases for decisions concerning income potential and risk potential. To this end, risk management applies appropriate systems and the necessary know-how, continually adjusting these in line with changing market conditions.



Management Bodies

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Akin Gunduz

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Serap Yilmaz

Tax, Regulation and Advisory
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Independent Auditor

Legal Advisor

Boden Law




Creating a value-chain

  • By maximizing financial and environmental benefits of the energy market players.

  • By bringing the highly qualified professional and industry expertise to create the maximum value for all.


Risk management

  • Value Chain aims to mitigate risks associated in between parties and within the energy market at most possible.


A model to export and expand

  • Structure and associate sustainable business models which might be exported to regional or even global markets.



EET’s Mission Statement

  • Establish EET as a leading market participant in the Turkish and Eurasian energy trading markets and be a counterpart of choice for both buyers and sellers of energy trading products.

  • Bring liquidity to the Turkish and Eurasian energy trading markets and contribute to their growth.

  • Develop sophisticated and varied structures around energy trading instruments for the benefit of all players on the Turkish and Eurasian markets


EET's Values

  • Innovation

As EET, we know how to look ahead, anticipate and act differently, in order to develop new and customized solutions that drive progress and give high added value to our customers.

  • Pure player in the Energy and Energy commodities markets

EET is present at all along the energy commodities value chain: from project to market, from east to west, EET offers its customers and partners all products and services in the various energy markets worldwide.

  • Expertise

EET's talented and professional team has a high expertise in project development, trading, risk management and is able to understand and meet the needs of its customers.

  • Commitment

EET' s objective is to provide the best for its customers, as well as maximizing its performance and deliver high quality service.

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