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EET plays an active role in the main European wholesale power markets. With a multi-year experience in the Italian, German, French and Swiss markets besides Turkish market, we are now entering other mature continental markets as well as some markets in Eastern Europe. We trade both financial and physical contracts, offering our customers tailor-made solutions to match their individual needs. Our deep understanding of the different market mechanisms and our strong competence in analysing the relations between hubs’ prices are the core strength of our team and the key to our business success.

EET is an Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operator. The concept of a Virtual Power Plant is based on the idea to link and bundle medium- and small-scale power producing and power consuming units. The objective is to smartly distribute supply and demand and to profitably trade the generated and consumed power.


Relying on an experienced international gas team, EET is an active natural gas shipper in Europe. We deliver natural gas to our customers across Europe exploiting our pipeline transportation and storage network, and trade at the main hubs and cross-border points. Under a well-recognised Group with strong financial background, EET works with municipalities, traders, wholesalers and industrials. We offer flexible solutions and structured products to our customers.


After starting operations in 2008, EET has engaged in the trading of environmental products including emissions (EUAs and CERs only) and green certificates in the major European Energy Exchanges and OTC Market.


EET's continuous efforts in developing of new products with its collaborating funds, banks and other related parties, will serve its investment house role on a variety of products and services to support public and private sector participation in the evolving carbon market.


EET brought together a group of engineers and commercial developers to work on applying advanced battery technology to the electric sector. AOur focus is on validating solutions and meeting customer needs through established commercial structures familiar to the Turkish industry. 

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